An open world in which to build and cut blocks


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Bokida is an experimental sandbox game in which you can build blocks anywhere, and later cut them, make them fly through the air, and watch how each piece responds perfectly in tune with the laws of physics.

Although Bokida is developed in an enormous open world where you can do whatever you want, in theory you should follow an objective. Your mission is to go to the shadows that are visible in the distance. Each shadow offers a series of puzzles, and if you solve them you will unlock new abilities.

The most spectacular part about Bokida is the realistic behavior of all of your building materials, which you can destroy as well as construct. The way in which you cut a block into a thousand pieces, in fact, recalls the sword in Metal Gear: Rising - but way less bloody.

Bokida has excellent visual design. The world is minimalist, and everything is in black and white except for the blocks that you create, which are colorful and offer beautiful contrast to the background.

Bokida is a fantastic exploration game that will both relax you with its visual design and soundtrack, as well as make you feel like a true ninja as you cut blocks into thousands of pieces and make them fly everywhere.
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